Stupid babies need the most attention

I’m on a social media hiatus. No big dramatic reason, I just came to the realisation that I am addicted to having a numerical score awarded to my every thought and whim, and that maybe that isn’t very healthy, brain-wise. So far, I feel much better for it. The problem, however, is finding somewhere on the internet that I can have appropriate down-time from what I’m doing. I need The Toast to come back. I need The Hairpin. I need Allie Brosh to decide that she does like making Hyperbole and a Half, after all.

Where do you waste time online? The Cut is fun, but I’m a little bored of hyper-zeitgeist feminism with a perfectly groomed arched eyebrow and witty jokes about skincare. Give me something a little weirder, a little spikier, a little more dumb. I’m all ears.