the only art i like is garbage

Welcome to Sentimental Garbage by me, Caroline O’Donoghue. Sentimental Garbage is, loosely speaking, a fan podcast about chick-lit, and now it is also a newsletter about other things also. I say ‘other things, also’ because I’ve come to realise that the more I think and talk about garbage the more I realise that everything in this world that I truly love is, in some sense, complete fucking garbage.

I like camp things. I like dumb things. I like tacky things. I like the bad CGI in early Buffy episodes, I like the bad writing in Titanic. I like limited-release romantic comedies starring Aaron Eckhart, a man so magnetic to the rom-com genre that he has played a character called ‘Nick’ no less than three times. I like Kesha more than I like anything. I like things that know what they are. I like a thing that knows it won’t be nominated for an Emmy or an Oscar or the Booker, and in knowing that, is able to be itself.

This Substack is effectively the private member’s circle for people who want to financially support the Sentimental Garbage podcast, and where I can keep y’all in the loop about live shows, reading lists, bonus members-only episodes, that kind of thing. But it’s also the place where I get to explore the many kinds of sentimental garbage that inspires me. I will also have semi-regular updates from my dog.

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